Conflict In My Passion

Even though Addario has strong inside passion about her career, she is still facing a conflict that against her morals. She is worrying about picturing for those tortured people, that suffering pains from the war, and taking benefits from those pictures is a major conflict. As her view, she is wondering what those New York Times’ readers are rather seeing animals in the zoo than those pictures of the truth sides of the war.

Nonetheless, she ends up justifying her career. She uses those picture to encourage citizens in worldwide to take attention into the war and tries to change the situation with her own power and desires.

As my personal experiences, I had conflict dealing with the relationship between the children and their parents. I was always thinking that the lack of knowledge caused those parents refused to take actions when they heard the reports about their children might have Autism: the anger and distrust regarding the results that the specialist determined. I have come to realize and see the need for increased awareness of these diseases as well as knowledge regarding the implications of ASD for parents in China. In my opinion, children’s parents didn’t realize that late speaking could be considered as an indication or symptom of something far more serious because they lacked understanding and knowledge of ASD.

After that, I voiced my opinions to my mother regarding the need to spread awareness through informational brochures in order to support a trainer’s results when presenting the situation to parents. My mom listened carefully, smiling as she said: “Strengthening publicity is important for sure; however, have you considered the feelings of the parents?” I contemplated this question and realized that no, I had not. I never took into account the perspective and emotions of the parents. I had only blindly imposed the idea that I thought would be beneficial for them whereas those feelings of shock and resistance are actually instinctual as parents.

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