Feb. 14, 2018 – Jessica Luther

Jessica Luther’s presentation, “Unsportsmanlike Conduct: The Intersections of Sport and Sexual Violence” will take place in 101 Chambers, on Wednesday, February 14, at 3:30 p.m.

Description: Luther will discuss the systemic ways sports, as particular microcosm of our culture, minimizes and ignores issues of gendered violence. Her work most often touches on the particular intersection of college football and sexual violence, but the way that money, institutional hierarchy on campuses, compliance with Title IX, and sports culture and fandom come together is applicable well beyond that. Her talk will touch on all of these issues and provide some ideas for how to begin to fix them.

This event is co-sponsored with the Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and the Gender Equity Center.

Jessica Luther is an award-winning freelance journalist in Austin, Texas. She is the author of Unsportsmanlike Conduct: College Football and the Politics of Rape. Her work has appeared in ESPN Magazine, New York Times Magazine, and the Texas Observer, and at Sports Illustrated and BuzzFeed. Her work gained national attention in 2015 when Dan Solomon and she broke open the story about a Baylor football player on trial for sexual assault. Luther is also the co-host of the feminist sports podcast Burn it All Down.


By Jessica Luther: