A few advocacy project ideas

As you start to compose your persuasive essay and then advocacy project, think about designing “multi-modally” – a series of photographs combined with a descriptive appeal; a stop-motion video; a short, satirical piece of writing; a video including music and written statements; a few linked posters that are not simply a series of words; a website that isn’t just a “flat” WordPress site, etc. The following are pretty extensive types of advocacy projects, but might provide some ideas:

From TIME Magazine: “Photographer as Witness: A Portrait of Domestic Violence”;
From R-Word.org: “Spread the Word to End the Word” – this includes photos, videos, written appeals, etc.
Or consider writing (or constructing) something satirical, like this piece from The Onion. Or this.
Articles from The Daily Collegian re: a PSU flash mob promoting sexual abuse awareness; or Pride Week HUB Takeover; or Penn State Pride Week Rally.

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