Intercultural Communication / Study Abroad Opportunity

Here’s the website for the program, which includes both an online and an in-country course.  The official announcement is below the pic.


Want to venture to Vienna for two weeks this summer?  The new online course CAS
271 INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION makes this possible by including an affordable
option to broaden your horizon while earning additional credits:

CAS 271 INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION (online, May-August 2014) offers an
optional embedded 12-day trip to Vienna, Austria: CAS 297A Austria in Action
(August 4-15, 2014). The embedded trip provides formal and informal
opportunities for students to engage in dialogue with Austrians from a variety
of backgrounds. The objective is for students to develop sensitivity and
flexibility in intercultural communication settings to benefit their personal
and professional lives.

Enroll by May15: The first 15 students receive 1/2 off program costs!

Link to course website:

Interested? Contact Lead Faculty: Ines Meyer-Hoess,

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