Calculating your grade thus far

You know by know that when it comes to grades, I’m delightfully anachronistic.  (Or frustrating, depending on your perspective.)  Bottom line, I don’t use ANGEL for grades, because while it does points well, it doesn’t do letter grades well.  So here are some options:

Option 1: Calculate a weighted average

I spoke last semester about how to calculate your grade manually, and the same sort of method–breaking things into 5% chunks to get a weighted average–works well with the assignments this semester, too.  (Earning a B on your TIB essay (15% of final grade) would be three chunks of 3.0, and an A- on your in-class deliberation analysis (10% of final grade) would be two chunks of 3.67.  Add up all the scores 3+3+3+3.67+3.67+… and divide by the total number of chunks.)  You have scores back for ten chunks so far, and could probably accurately estimate your grades for participation, blog completion, and blog quality–bringing you to fifteen total chunks.

Option 2: Estimate grades via a spreadsheet

Too much arithmetic for you?  You can also play around with the spreadsheet I use, although it’ll require you to estimate all of your remaining grades for it to work; feel free to take a look.  Some explanation: you’ll need to enter letter grades on the left side, and find your score all the way to the right.  Note that grades need to be entered exactly as referenced in C39 to C56.  So “C/C+” is correct, but “C+/C” is not, and “B” is correct, but “B ” is not (extra space).

Let me know if you have any questions.

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