Signing up for the Excellence in Communication Certificate program

You’ve heard me talk about the Excellence in Communication Certificate (ECC) a couple of times now in class.  As the semester ends, we’re encouraging interested RCL students to sign up for the program now.  If you’re a Paterno Fellow Aspirant, or if you plan on having a major or minor in the College of the Liberal Arts I strongly encourage you to sign up.

You’re more than welcome to put me down as your preference for ECC adviser–I’d love to stay connected with you for the rest of your time at Penn State!  But if you feel like you’d rather get some feedback from someone else, I completely understand.  (And I won’t be checking up on who is assigned to other advisers, so no need to worry about any awkwardness should you choose to go elsewhere.)

So what does “signing up” mean?  Essentially, it simply means you’ll be assigned an adviser to walk you through the process, and will receive occasional emails–perhaps once a semester–updating you on changes to the program.  You’ll also have the opportunity to meet with your ECC adviser to discuss your work at any point until submission.  (Submission is usually second semester junior year or first semester senior year.)  Other than access to an adviser, the benefit of registering now is that you’ll stay updated on the program, which can help keep it on your radar.

So I encourage you to read more about the ECC program, or to sign up at the link below:

Sign up here!

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