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The “This I believe” podcast and paper have me a bit frazzled as I believe in a lot of different things and have many morals that I can discuss in this unit. I am not sure exactly how I am going to hone in on just one of my many many beliefs.. Another problem is the very intimate feel to the whole assignment. I am scared of picking a topic that is not boring but that is also not viewed as controversial. for beginning thoughts I may try to state my beliefs that stem from my southern background for example sweet tea is always the best option and Bucees is the best. I can also try to talk about some of my beliefs about sports and team dynamic.

For my Civic Issues Blog I was considering three of the topic categories: education, race and identities and rights. Each one has great potential for subtopics that I am passionate about for example I have always been very opinionated about women in the military and how they are dealt with in a much different way than men in the military, this could also include reasons and persuasions why it should remain unequal. As a current substitute preschool teacher and having my mother be a teacher also taught me to have many opinions on our education system as well as maybe just the way people learn in general. Using my personal experience as both teacher and student I believe I can make a very interesting and factual paper. For race I am  currently enrolled in African American Studies so it could be interesting to see what topics I could pool from that class and its discussions.

My passion blog is all up in the air currently. I could continue with my stories about fencing travel or my “travel blog” as it were. Or I could start over with something new but related to fencing, possibly talking about food in different countries and how it differs or I can wipe the slate clean and start completely new. One idea for passion blog could be a cooking blog where I test out easy microwave meals and explain how to improve them.

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  1. Personally, I would say not to worry about picking a controversial topic for your TIB podcast. I feel that no matter what you have to say, it’s all about your delivery. I can’t really help you on narrowing down your beliefs, but I would make your decision without worrying about it being controversial; however, if it’s very controversial, you’ll have to be very careful with how you present what you have to say. For your Civic Issues blog, I would be interested to see what you have to say about education, considering that you have some experiences from both sides. However, it seems that you also have some ideas that not necessarily every college student has about gender equality in the military (if I read that right). Personally, I always find a different opinion refreshing, so I would be interested to hear more both as a college student and as a child of military parents. For your passion blog, I think it’s really cool that you fence! The only thing I would keep in mind when deciding whether or not to pursue a new topic is, after a whole semester of writing about one topic, do you still have enough to say about it or do you need to find something new in order to have enough material to post about.

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