Sweat the Small Stuff

I believe in the art of ranting because we should all sweat the small stuff. For those days that just don’t go your way you know those days where your alarm doesn’t go off or you trip on the way to class and then forget your wallet; be annoyed. Rant. Why? Because the small stuff is freaking annoying! If we don’t allow ourselves to have an outlet to let our emotions and annoyance out it could build up over time and end in an explosion of emotions- which from personal experience comes in the many forms such as my personal favorite the mental breakdown.

For a solid five minutes let it take over you. Let all the emotions run free and let loose on any platform you prefer be it a close friend or social media. Turn yourself over to it and just complain. Stomp your feet and throw your hands up in the air, yell “screw this” at the top of your lungs because you need to. Rant about the little things like a small comment you’re feeling petty about or rant about the big stuff like your upcoming bio exam you know nothing about. You may look or sound a bit like a toddler throwing a tantrum but after you let it out you can feel the instant relief – almost as if your problems are being lifted off your shoulders.

Imagine you are the only girl (besides your mom) in a house full of brothers. You come home from school on edge at how you did on your english exam, the idiot who had almost hit you as he pulled out in front of you on your way home, your boyfriend who is picking fights for no reason and after all of this the only thing holding you together is the thought of that last piece of chocolate cake sitting in the fridge. When you go to look for it you realize that one of your four idiot brothers has already eaten it even though you clearly had dibs.

You feel your heart start to pound faster and you try to stay still but can’t seem to control yourself, you start to pace back and forth fuming right there in the kitchen. You try to remain as calm as possible but after the day you’ve had you just want to scream – so what do you do? You feel yourself start to rant right there with your poor (innocent) little brother who is staring at you with fear in his eyes not knowing whether to run or stay. Words fly out of your mouth while your hands move around by your side telling a story as you speak. You complain about everything from your crappy boyfriend to your tragic loss of cake and when you are finally out of things to say and take a deep breath, you feel a release of pressure. You feel much better although a little guilty that you just screamed at your presumably innocent little brother.

It’s not that you were yelling at him personally, you just needed to let everything off your chest and yelling was way more satisfying than just talking. Not to mention the fact that as your rant went on anger spilled out of you almost drowning you in your words. Normally you would have called your best friend for a quality rant sesh but this time it caught you off guard.

In my opinion there is nothing better at making me feel better on a less than superb day than just letting it all out in one magnificent rant. I don’t need advice or condolences I just need someone to hear me and my struggles, as petty as they may be, out.

I believe that the small stuff is annoying and that everyone has bad days that can be made better. I also believe that it is okay to take a moment to let it all out and shout your complaints to the world because ranting isn’t just an art form, it’s a necessity.

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