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Civic Artifact Speech Outline


9:03 September 11th 2001, where were you? ( Pause for effect) I am sure that the memories and feelings that come to mind from this vary widely from person to person. Personally, I don’t remember much from that day, but what I do recall is just the general sense of panic not only internally, but also radiating throughout my household. The events of that day were so tragic that even a young child could understand the magnitude of the situation. From the 9-11 attacks you are most likely familiar with my civic artifact, the slogan “never forget”.


Point 1: Evaluation of the Evolution of the Slogan

  • Discuss past uses of the slogan
  • Why must we never forget?
    • Ensure that it does not reoccur
    • To learn from our past mistakes
    • To honor the lives of those affected
  • Never forget as used today
    • Discuss context outside of 9-11 attacks
    • Show twitter feed of #neverforget


Point 2: Call to Action

  • Immediate call to action after tragedies
    • 9-11
      • Blood Donation
      • Patriotism
      • Church Attendance
    • World War II ( Holocaust)
      • War effort at home
      • Enlistment of men
  • Call to action over time
    • Pay respect
    • Civic engagement in Middle Eastern affairs


Point 3: Have we truly not forgotten?

  • Longevity to remembrance or is it cyclical?
  • You can’t see the time 9:11 without thinking of the tragedy
  • Do we only remember the date?
  • Nearly all events occur on the anniversary
  • Will we eventually treat the events of 9-11 like the Holocaust?



How our citizens remember these tragic events display the civic of our country. Although civic engagement resulting in the “never forget” slogan has become more passive over time it is still very prevalent. It calls on everyone weather they are: young or old, male or female, white, black or any other race to strive to prevent the evils of the past from reoccurring and to honor those who suffered injustices. The “never forget” slogan exists for the very purpose of creating a more civic world in which it will never again have to be used. Thank you