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I found this TED talk about a new advance in the field of 3D printing to be both extremely interesting and very well delivered. Joseph DeSimone talks about how he and his colleagues have discovered a way to 3D print objects 25 – 100 times faster than traditional 3D printers. This is achieved by using controlled amounts of light and oxygen in order to constantly solidify liquid in the shape of the desired object. This has huge implications for society as 3D printing before this would take large amounts of time to print even the simplest objects. The speaker also talks about the impact of this improvement stating that it can revolutionize the manufacturing world.


One of the aspects that made the talk very effective was the speakers great variation of his tone of voice and his hand motions for emphasis. He takes his time to pause every once and a while during his sentences in order to give the audience time to comprehend what he is saying. It also helps to show the audience what is really important about his talk by the pacing that he uses. He also adds to this with his use of hand movements which are not too over the top, but are subtle enough to benefit his talk.


Another aspect of the talk that was very effective was the speakers use of demonstrations and media in order to help his audience better understand his topic. He prints a complex object on stage while he is talking and in the short ten minutes the object materializes before the audiences eyes. This and his many photos and animations give a visual means to better understand the topic. It also helps to back up his claim that this innovation will revolutionize the world.


I highly recommend watching the talk as it is truly amazing to see the progression of technology and to get a sense of the good that will come from it. I am glad that I found this talk as I was not aware of this innovation beforehand. I hope to use this talk and others that utilize similar effective means of communication in my TED talk in order to better convey my talk to my audience.


Joseph DeSimone: What if 3D printing was 100x faster?:


3 thoughts on “TED Talk Analysis

  1. ekh5175


    This is a great TED Talk to choose! With the 3D Printer really “working its magic” in the background, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen any talks with an element like that before. Providing a real world example right before the audience’s eyes definitely enhances his point that the invention will revolutionize the world! Additionally, DeSimone’s use of hand gestures and pauses to place emphasis on certain parts of the talk is done expertly. As Mr. Fonash demonstrated with waiting after you ask a question, sometimes you need to pause and allow the audience to catch up with your thought process so that they can become fully engaged with where you are going next. Great post this week!

    –Elissa Hill

  2. Sienna D Mcnett

    I really enjoyed this 3D printing Ted Talk, and the fact that the ongoing visual in the background was the piece being printed really emphasized and added interest to the piece. I definitely agree that his use of his hands and body language over all added proper emphasis to his presentation. Additionally, the fact that his voice was not monotone contributed to the success of the presentation. If you had to give this speaker one critique, what would you suggest?

  3. kem5833

    I remember watching this Ted Talk during a previous class, and the one thing that I remember vividly is the 3-D machine printing in the background. This technology not only captured the audience, but also provided visual proof. I also appreciate the speaker’s tone and voice fluctuation. While it is important to present an intriguing topic, it is just as important to present it correctly in order for the audience to be engage. This is such an interesting topic and a great talk!

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