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Topic: The effects of waste on the environment and how people can help solve these issues by attempting to recycle even just a little more than they normally would each day.

Purpose: In order to get individuals to care about where their waste is going when they throw it away, as well as encouraging people to begin and continue recycling.

Audience: Everyone, but especially targeting¬†¬†those who generally don’t recycle such as college students.


  • A video showing the effects of waste on the environment and our lives, and how each individual recycling just a little more can make a significant impact.
  • Poster?

2 thoughts on “Advocacy Project Blog

  1. sjt5234

    Hey Tyler!

    This sounds like a really great project! I like how it connects to what you’ve been writing about over the past semester. Although Penn State does a great job with making recycling stations straightforward and easily accessible, I’ve seen plenty of students throw out materials that could be recycled easily.

    A viral video could draw attention to the issue of recycling very effectively, especially if you use pathos to drive the points home. A poster would also be very effective in reaching your target audience of college students if you post the posters around campus.

    Great ideas!

  2. ces5729

    Hey Tyler!
    I know this is still just in the bulleted points phase, but this seems like a really good idea for an advocacy project. Many people don’t recycle because they simply don’t have the means to, or they just don’t know how. Just a suggestion, but I know that Penn State has one of the top recycling programs in the country, and that could be a good thing to tie in, making your audience specifically Penn State students. It will be really easy to show the effects of recycling by just showing giant mounds of trash and such. This seems like a pretty good start though.
    Great job!

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