Uniting Against Climate Change

Climate change is an issue that not only effects everyone, but can also be caused by everyone. Due to this, in order to prevent furthering the issue, initiative will have to be taken by a significant portionĀ of the general population. We can make processes and technology more environmentally clean and efficient, but it does not matter if individuals refuse to utilize more environmentally clean means in their daily lives.


The first step that has to take place in combatting the issue of climate change is fixing the general ignorance held by some of society. Nearly thirty percent of Americans still believe that climate change is not going on. An environmental reform can not possible be completely successful in preventing harmful emissions into the atmosphere if only a fraction of the entire population is actively looking to take cleaner actions. Even many who acknowledge that climate change is present, don’t take everyday actions to decrease emissions due to inconvenience. Therefore, what must be done first is to get all of society to perceive the issue and to care about its implications. This is extremely hard to achieve due to the stubbornness of skeptics to change their opinionsĀ and for the fact that society has become accustomed to convience in their everyday lives. Although this could be difficult to achieve, it is crucial to halting the expanse of climate change. Actions that could be taken include additional attempt to educate individuals of the prevalent evidence of climate change and by providing cheap and efficient means of reducing carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions. For instance, currently it can be expensive to own a clean electrically power car. If prices and popularity of these vehicles decreases, individuals will be more likely to stray away from fossil fuel power vehicles that harm the environment.


Additionally, pushing for clean sources of energy is critical in reducing our carbon footprint as a society. The primary candidate for clean energy in households is solar power. This form of energy has large potential to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide emissions if utilized by a larger percentage of individuals. Houses that are powered by solar power, are estimated produce enough power to drive approximately four hundred thousand miles by burning fossil fuels after a total of thirty year. The issue with these clean power sources is that they are currently expensive and do not make up for their large investigate for many years. Therefore, individuals are often skeptic of implementing solar power in their houses due to the long investment periods in order to make back their invested money. Hopefully, as more research and development is done on solar power, it may become cheaper to install in the future similar to the decreasing price of electrically powered vehicles.


Similar to the utilization of solar power, a crucial means in order to reduce carbon emissions comes from utilizing renewable resources to generate power from energy companies as opposed to fossil fuels. Wind power seems the best candidate to replace burning fossil fuels as it is both clean and efficient. Large wind farms have been recorded to be able to produce almost two and half times the electricity of power plants. The issue is that the wind can often be sporadic and unpredictable. This distrust of the wind from day to day often makes power companies worried about straying away from fossils fuels and investing in wind power. Additionally, some individuals call wind farms “ugly” and do not like living near windmills. Although it may be difficult to implement wind power on a large scale, it would play a significant role in reducing the total amount of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions.


Obviously, we still have a long way to go in the fight to halt climate change. There are still many individuals who have to get on board actively reducing their carbon emissions and seeking clean forms of energy. Luckily, the issue has been becoming more prevalent and well-known among Americans. I encourage you to do even just a small amount every day to reduce your contribution to climate change. There is no easy or quick fix to the issue. It is up to society as a whole to stand together united in order to protect the only home that they will ever have.







3 thoughts on “Uniting Against Climate Change

  1. Brandon Corey Sullivan

    Climate change is an issue that cannot be solved without a combined effort from every nation and every individual on this planet. We’re responsible and we need to own up to it. Education is definitely key and I’m curious to what region of the country most of that 30% belongs too, as there are definitely regions of the country that fight harder than the other for a safer and less environmentally damaging future. Solar power is something that’s very interesting and not a new idea. The first major attempt was in Africa pre-war world II. The project consisted of solar powers covering the desert but the war kicked off and the project was halted for obvious reasons. On top of that, during war-time no one saw the use of solar power. It’s a shame this project was cut short, as we may have been already using solar power on a massive scale if its continuation was pursued. Solar power is gaining traction incredibly quickly, though. Now we have small window-like completely clear solar panels that make it easier to use in a home. We also are experimenting with solar powered roads that will power electric cars on as you drive in them. I believe that is being tested in Denmark right now, but I could be wrong. It’s some country over there. That would be a massive change that could completely end the use of gas-powered cars, thus knocking significant amounts off of our carbon footprint. I wish more people were so concerned with the health of our planet as you. Good posts!

  2. ces5729

    Hey Tyler!
    Great post! It really is a shame that such a large proportion of Americans still don’t believe that global warming is real. However, I believe education is the best way change peoples minds about issues, in a sense what things like this blog is doing. All of these renewable resources are most definably a way to combat global warming, I know that my parents plan to have solar panels on their house soon, and are extremely excited about it. Wind farms are also interesting, though I’ve been told that they can be extremely noisy, and as you said, are dependent on the wind.
    I wonder what you’ll write about next week!

  3. sjt5234

    Hey Tyler,

    It’s incredible to me that 30% of Americans don’t believe that climate change is occurring. Perhaps it might be sort of OK if they believed humans were not causing it on the scale that scientists claim (hint: they are), but an outright denial of climate change is, to me, demonstrative of completely willful ignorance. People need to become aware that essentially all scientists have reached a consensus that climate change is occurring and is affected by human action (or inaction).

    Another great point you brought up was that people may not act to reduce their carbon footprint out of the inconvenience that it may cause them. This is ridiculous, and these people are incredibly short-sighted. The effects of climate change can be seen now, and to not work to address these issues is to put the world in a worse place than it was when we got here.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog very much over the course of the semester. Hopefully I’ll see you around!


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