Social Napping (v.)

A wise woman once tweeted upon her sudden stroke of genius: “social napping: taking a nap with your door open to maximize exposure to other people.”  Although this far from mastermind person was none other than myself in the early days of my freshman year, I do believe I invented a term for a peculiar, yet intriguing form of slumber.  This concept of social napping was initially dreamt up when I felt as though I was missing out on opportunities to be spending crucial time with new friends while taking a nap after class most days (essentially being antisocial by choosing to spend the afternoon hour unconscious).  So I decided to leave my door slightly propped open when I embarked on my mission to rejuvenate and catch up on some z’s.  This way if a friend were to come to my door, she could see I was in my room and could still wake me up to relay an invitation to get food or go to a meeting.

I acknowledge that this is extremely weird.  I really have no logic to properly rationalize the fact that I was leaving my room wide open for some anonymous dweller of Atherton to walk in unbeknownst while I was fast asleep.  Yet I continued to partake in social napping regularly because the tension I felt about deliberately choosing not to interact with my friends was too gripping.  I wanted to be able to tell myself that if someone really needed me, I could easily be reached with just a slight push of the door and nudge of my shoulder.  Soon after the creation of this phenomenon, the sign on my door read, “Home to the Social Nappers,” and thus a famous site and tourist attraction was born right off of College Ave, as well as a noteworthy tweet. Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 11.05.57 AM

3 thoughts on “Social Napping (v.)

  1. I sort of have conflicting feelings about this, especially because i currently live in the Globe which tends to be a place where random strangers traipse through on a regular basis. Taking that into account, I would feel a little unsafe leaving my door wide open. I might instead opt for writing on my wipe board that I’m currently napping but should be awakened for plans or other social issues. On a somewhat safer floor, though, this is a pretty nifty idea.

  2. As a frequent napper, I completely understand the issue you faced with finding time to take the necessary nap while also wanting to spend time with friends. I do not think that I would have the guts to leave my door open for random people to walk in, but I give you credit that this a cool way to trust people, keep in the social loop, and take a snooze in the afternoon. I think it is neat how you created this phenomenon, and I might just try it one day.

  3. I really like the concept of social napping because I often feel guilty when napping. I feel like I could be missing out on doing something with my friends, or of course could be getting ahead on school work. I really like the idea that you created because I feel like it’s an easy way to soothe the guilt and make those essential after class naps a little more enjoyable.

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