So, What Do I Do?

First I’d like to preface in saying that no, I do not sit around all day just binge-watching movies and TV shows, however I realize that both of my passion blog ideas may give off that impression.

I have a lot of passions, and I’m also horribly indecisive. I’m sure you can imagine those two characteristics don’t combine to make this an easy task. So, I narrowed it down to a similar category and went from there.

Theatre for Jocks

An ironic combination, I know. But that’s supposed to be the point! You see the title and think, what? Jocks and theatre kids don’t really mix. Except for maybe Troy Bolton because clearly he could do it all. (High School Musical reference for anyone who somehow missed out on the mid 00’s ICONIC Disney Channel original movie trilogy) But there are more Troy Bolton’s in the world, like me, who not only enjoy sports, but theatre as well.

Ever since I was six years old I was a three sport athlete.  So, although I may not be a dreamy six foot guy, walking around the halls wearing a letterman jacket I would still consider myself a jock. (And yes, I realize how horribly stereotypical and cliche that definition of a jock is but you know that’s what you pictured)

But besides that point, I also really enjoy theatre. Now to be clear, I was never actually involved in any theatre, which means I don’t know technicalities. But I love to watch it! Addicting soundtracks and profound meanings and themes within theatre can be appreciated by almost anyone in my opinion. I plan to use each post as a review on one of my favorite plays or musicals and make something that was previously repulsive to someone seem somewhat interesting. I believe theatre shouldn’t just be for the kids on stage.

Everyone binge-watches tv shows on Netflix, right?

My second passion is one I believe many of you can relate to. We’re in college, if you’re not doing hours of homework you’re probably on Netflix. I’ve definitely had my share of late nights and this lovely message popping up once (or maybe five times) but it happens to everyone whether you admit it or not!

This blog, in a similar manner to my previous option, would focus on one post per tv show that I have binge-watched and why I would recommend it. With categories ranging from comedy to drama I would focus on the highlights of each show and why they’re binge-worthy.

This is the start of something new.

(Another totally intentional HSM reference)

As I’m sure this writing experience will be new for most of you as it will be for me, please be honest and let me know what I should change or keep about my writing style and what sounds good and what doesn’t. I hope you’re interested to hear more, as I am excited to write more!