No Room for Regrets

Passions are meant to be indulged. ¬†Though there are boundless possibilities, there is still no capacity for holding back. As cliche as it sounds, life is short, time will end, and so each opportunity must be taken advantage of before it’s too late. Lynsey Addario portrays her take on this through the narration of her grandmother’s lost love, Sal.

Nana missed out on a life full of true love because she feared the possible challenges; instead she settled for mediocrity and comfort. Looking back upon her grandmother’s lost chance, Addario relishes the ability to learn from the past and be able to live without regrets.

“What she told me would stay with me for life”

As we look at a wider scope of life, or Addario’s life rather, this story allows her to view her interests with a greater appreciation. Not many people have the ability to follow their dreams and pursue their passions – Addario does. The wise words of her grandmother grants her an enlightened perspective, a life without regrets is one worth living.

Considering kairos, Addario unlike many other people actually takes advantage of her opportunities. One opportunity being that of using her experience and knowledge to influence others. This anecdote wasn’t meant as just a source of entertainment for the hopeless romantics who love a good story. She’s deconstructing her own thought process, resolved to an epiphany, as a mode of inspiration to others.

Although I can’t say I’ve fully lived life with no regrets, one thing I do not regret is auditioning for the school musical in sixth grade. It was not necessarily the thing a three-sport athlete would do. But I don’t regret it for one second.


The shy little girl I once knew, was gone. Getting up on stage and preforming a monologue and singing was a huge step for me. And while I didn’t land a role, it didn’t stop me from pursuing my interest in musical theatre in other ways. View my Passion Blog to hear more about the ways a little jock like me indulges in musical theatre.


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  1. It is insane how relatable your blog is. I too was a passionate athlete in school; I still am. I even auditioned for my first musical in sixth grade also: A Christmas Carol. I concur with your reasoning that Addario was inspired by her grandmother’s story. However, her Nana dictated that she did not have any regrets. I caution against jumping to that conclusion. Then again, her Nana’s language suggests otherwise. It is a paradox.

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