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I have a few ideas about what to do for my passion blog. I am actually very excited for what I can write because I truly enjoy writing when I write about things I actually appreciate.

My first topic idea is to write about surfing. I greatly enjoy surfing and it is a very broad subject so there is many different things to write about. Some of these topics include the morality of professional surfing, the debate of the best waves in the world, and debating the use of different equipment to give an advantage over more traditional equipment. On top of it all, I will add cool pictures to each post if I can.


My second topic idea is to make my passion blog about the weather and different interesting weather events that happen around the world. This would include weather phenomena such as Superstorm Sandy or severe tornado outbreaks or even Nor Easters. I would also talk about the generic weather patterns that happen on a day to day basis. I would also analyze how these weather events affected the daily lives of the people around the weather.

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2 Responses to Passion Blog Posts

  1. Talia Weiss says:

    I really like the surfing idea. I think its fascinating, I love the surfing culture, even though I personally do not surf, but I love it and have a lot of friends who do surf. One thing that I think is great about it is that it is something you are passionate about. This will create more thoughtful posts because you as a writer can relate to the posts.
    (ps sorry for posting on your main page… I thought those were your ideas because I did not see the separate links on the side at first..)

  2. Angela Zhang says:

    I think the surfing blog would be an intriguing topic for you to explore in your passion blog. I wouldn’t think many are that educated on surfing (such as I), and it would be very interested if you divulged your knowledge on this specific topic that sounds fun (pictures!) thus being more engaging to read; it also seems to have its serious side (like the morality of professional surfing, etc.) which would generate greater thought-provoking discussion points. As you said that surfing has many subcategories — and from your tone and background image, seems to be what you are more passionate about — I think the surfing blog would be more interesting to an audience as well as a sustainable topic over a period of 10 weeks.

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