RCL Speech Observations

I saw many positives and many negatives in the speeches over the past few class periods. I will begin with the negatives. I think the biggest problems with the speeches were that people got so caught up in trying to read their outlines word for word. I personally was guilty of this, near the end of my speech I started to read my notes that were not meant to be said and had to improvise my way out of it. I was able to get out of it, but if I prepared better I would not have put myself in that situation. Many other people also had this problem. Another problem with people’s speeches is that they were very monotonous. The speakers would just drone on and on, almost putting the audience to sleep. However, there were many positives associated with these speeches. All of the speakers were very confident and very loud. Everyone was well enough prepared that their speeches kept everyone interested. I also think everyone has a very good understanding of the topics of the course. Everyone included much of the course vocabulary throughout their speeches and provided a clear understanding of these topics. I think the pictures of the posters were much easier to follow compared to the video and the interview presentations. The pictures were constant and were very easy to compare to because you could simply look at the picture. With the interview topic, you had to try and comprehend what the interviewee was saying as well as follow along with the speech. It was difficult to follow, especially when we had to reviews on the speeches as well. The video was a little easier to follow, but if you did not remember or could not watch parts of the movie, the speech became difficult to follow. As a whole though, I believe our speeches were all very successful in analyzing a specific call to civic duty. They all were well delivered and were interesting. I look forward to the rest of the speeches on Monday.

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