Possible Rhetoric Essays

Instead of searching for many pieces of rhetoric supporting many different causes and issues, I decided to pick advertisements from relatively the same sources. The first three I picked were created by the Plastic Pollution Coalition and all call to cutback the use of plastics. The fourth one was published by the makers of the movie The Cove. It brings attention to the annual slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan.

rcl 1

This poster is very simple and plain. Its message is very clear and it is delivered through the posters simplicity. The upside down plastic bottle not only highlights the posters intentions of ending plastic but also subliminally says down with plastic. It uses the color red, a strong color, to make it stand out and catch the viewers attention.

rcl 2

This poster encourages its viewer to join the Plastic Pollution Coalition all while being good for the Earth. It uses a quote from a moderately popular celebrity to drag in the viewers and ask them to question more of what they are actually viewing. This one is plain to highlight the simplicity of the movement to reduce plastics.

rcl 3

This post is much more direct with its rhetoric. It presents all of the negative facts associated with using non recyclable containers to drink from. They are very up front and very astonishing. This tries to convinces viewers to reconsider the ways they usually drink things. It also presents the health hazards, not just the environmental hazards. This approach is much more up front than the other two I had looked at before

rcl 4

This example is another very upfront approach to introducing its viewer to a specific topic. This piece uses the picture of an injured and bleeding dolphin to attract its viewer. It is a very gory and very blunt approach. It uses red which is often associated with blood to make the viewer feel bad for the dolphins and research more into what the poster is actually trying to convey.

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