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First, I’d like to shamelessly plug Angela’s Blog. It is one of the best blogs I’ve seen in any of the classes and it has very interesting content. (This is probably moot because the only people who read my blog is my blogging group, but if you are reading this and you are not in my blogging group, I recommend checking it out).


On to the other blogs. One blog that I have found very interesting in our class is Matt’s blog. His blog revolves around the central banking system of the United States, also known as the Federal Reserve Banking System. His provides very insightful information about what the Federal Reserve does and why it does it. It remains very impartial and is very related to current events because the Federal Reserve plays such a huge role in the financial system. He listens to the comments people post on his blog and even responds to them. I recommend reading his most recent post about what the Federal Reserve should do in response to economic downturn.

Another good blog outside of this class that I recommend is this one. This blog takes current issues and analyzes both sides of the argument about the issue. A personal favorite post of mine is his original post about Syria. He provides a very impartial view of both sides of the effect of military conflict in Syria and really allows the reader to form their own opinion about the topic. That is one of my favorite characteristics of his blog. He does not try to force his opinion on you and allows you to formulate your own ideas about the topic on hand. He also talks about current events so reading his blog can somewhat supplement from not paying any attention to the news.

The third blog I found that I thought was a very good blog was this one. I was never really interested in running however the writer of the blog has made running very different for me. Granted, I can not run, and will not be able to run for a little while because of the surgery I had in the summer, but I look forward to using many of the tips provided on the blog to improve my running. I highly recommend this blog to everyone, people who run for a living and lazy people who have no desire to run. It will change the way you look at running.

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