The ASP World Championship: Down to the Wire

I wanted to start this week’s blog post by asking you guys, my many readers (I know there’s many out there you just don’t like voicing your opinion on my blog) are there any questions you have for me about surfing? I realized it is really hard to talk about surfing when I was writing my post a couple weeks ago because not many people know about surfing and the little things that go along with it. So here’s your chance, open forum on anything I’ve talked about and anything I haven’t talked about but you still want to know. I am all ears.



Now to this weeks post. I talked about professional surfing in a negative light a little bit before, but now I am going to contradict everything I said before and talk about how the World Title race is down the last event of the year! Unfortunately, the race does not usually make it to the last event, which is the Billabong Pipeline Masters on the North Shore of Oahu. The world title race is usually decided in the European leg of the tour because the top surfer is usually dominant throughout the year and clinches the title before this event.


But this year, the most exciting event of the year is even more exciting! Two surfers, Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning, are battling for the title this year. Kelly looks to extend his record eleven World Tour Championships to twelve with a victory at Pipeline. Mick hopes to win his third World Tour Championship. It looks like Mick will claim the title is because he has a 7,000 point lead over Kelly, however if Kelly wins in Hawaii and Mick loses early, Kelly could come away with his twelfth World Title.


Here is some background on the two surfers. Kelly Slater is a 41-year-old surfer from Cocoa Beach, Florida. Cocoa Beach is in northern Florida, a little south of Jacksonville. He began surfing on the World Tour before any of us were born, in 1990. He has won eleven world titles, is an accomplished guitarist who has played live with Pearl Jam, has a college degree, and was the first surfer to ever earn a perfect 20 in a heat. He’s also a hunk. (Here’s proof if you do not believe me)

Mick Fanning is 32-years-old, and has two World Tour Championships. He is from Penrith, New South Wales in Australia. He unfortunately does not have any of the cool abilities like Kelly has, but he has a cool nickname, White Lightning.

It is still impossible to tell, but if the early part of the winter season in Hawaii is any indication of the winter ahead, the waves will be firing for this event (as they usually do). I have shown videos and pictures of Pipeline before, but here is an example of what it did earlier this week. I recommend if you have any free time or just want a distraction from school work, I recommend checking out this website between December 8 to December 20. It is going to be a great event and it might help you understand my blog a bit more.







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