TED Talks

I thought all of the performances I watched were very well executed. Everyone looked like they were well prepared and confident. Most of the talks had very good uses of visuals and they helped to strengthen the talks as a whole. There was a wide variety of ways people executed their talks. For example, Jake used a almost sarcastic tone in his talk, which helped add to the meaning of his talk, which ironically, disagreed with TED talks. Other talks, like Talia’s, had a lot of passion in their talks. They relied more on how they truly felt about certain topics and their passion towards them when delivering their talks. Both strategies were very successful and helped to successfully convey their talks to the audience. The differences in visual aids were also surprising. Some speakers relied on many slides to help aid their points, such as Brian (who also included audio in his talk as well), and others had much fewer visuals, such as Michael. Regardless of the amount of visuals they had, all of the talks were very successful. As a whole, I think all of the talks that happened in the second week were very successful and very well executed. All of the talks featured a wide variety of topics and were very interesting. Not once during the talks was I bored or disinterested.

My TED Talk went alright. Unfortunately, I was very monotonous and did not make it very engaging for the viewers of my talk. I had very little confidence when I started with the talk, and it reflected in the way I delivered it. I was very slow at talking and could not formulate sentences well. However, as the talk progressed, I was able to gain a lot of confidence though and that helped in the delivery of my talk. I thought I had a decent conclusion and that helped to make up for my weak introduction. I thought the content of my talk overall though was very good and well executed. I also used visual aids well, in my opinion.

Here is my talk by the way (I almost forgot to add this to the post):

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