First Post Of The New Year

Passion Blog Ideas: Last semester, I gifted my readers with posts about surfing and everything associated with it. This semester, I am struggling to come up with a good idea for a blog, but I have narrowed it down to a couple ideas. My first idea is to write about the college basketball season. I would touch on every aspect of it, and with it the tournament coming around, I would not run out of anything to talk about. Another idea I had was to build upon the “Great Debate,” as my friends call it. If you do not know what the “Great Debate” is, it is the ongoing battle between Chipotle and Qdoba and which one is better. Including deciding which of those two is better, I could also settle other food place debates. My last idea is to write about music of some kind, but I’m not sure which genre or even how I would do that.


Civic Issues Ideas: I have a few ideas for my civic issues blog. The idea that I am leading towards the most is focusing on climate change. I would focus on all aspects of climate change, such as green technologies, the state of climate change, and policy decisions about climate change. My other idea is the issue of college “student athletes” and if that term is actually applicable. Many people argue they should be paid, others do not. In the wake of the UNC student athlete scandal, I think this topic is very applicable to a civic issues blog. My last resort is to look at political parties and their affect on the US today.


“This I Believe” Ideas: I am not entirely sure what I am going to do for this yet. I think one of my ideas will be that I believe in the ocean. I am still unsure of my other ideas, I think they might be I believe in music or laughter. I think I will be able to do a this I believe about the ocean the easiest, so as of right now, that is my main choice.

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2 Responses to First Post Of The New Year

  1. Jenny Eberhardt says:

    Gavin- for your passion blog, I think you could definitely make the food debates fun! If you covered a different food chain controversy each week that’d definitely be good insight to wear people should go eat, etc. Furthermore, it could be funny and you could talk about your experiences at those restaurants. Onto the civic issues blog, I like both of your ideas a lot! Whatever you think that you would have an easier time writing is what you should go with. I think that the “student athlete” topics would be interesting as long as you could find enough information to fill it! Finally, your this I believe podcast‚ĶI like that you want to use that you believe in the ocean! I think that is definitely a unique topic and you could make that really fun! Can’t wait to see your blogs!

  2. esi5009 says:

    For your passion blog I feel that discussing the battle between Chipotle and Qdoba may be a very difficult topic to write about. It would be tough to find enough disparities and similarities between the two to talk about for 10 straight blog posts. On the other hand, writing about college basketball seems like a great idea as many people follow the sport and would be able to relate to your posts. Your blog would be especially helpful during the NCAA tournament since so many people fill out brackets and bet on games. For your civic issue blog, I think that climate change would be good topic, as many people are unaware of the dangers of climate change and global warming. Finally, I think that you should use the believing in the ocean idea for your “This I Believe” project. This would be very creative and personal, as you can talk about your personal connection and experiences with the ocean. The topics of music and laughter seem a little bit too cliche.

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