My Life Bucket List: Go Scuba Diving

Ever since I was a little kid, I was obsessed with the water. My mom used to tell me stories about how she would take me to the pool, and I would spend 90% of the time with my head underwater. That is, until she invested in a  pair of goggles for me, to which she claims she never saw me again after that. As an aside, I personally hated my goggles, and had to pretend that I was a special mermaid princess that required underwater glasses. Only then did I feel a little less dorky when wearing them.

FishSchoolBut I have always had an obsession with the water. It came from my love of being in the water, and my love of aquatic life. There’s something so fascinating about the creatures under the sea, maybe it’s the mystery that comes along with not really knowing what’s out there, but hearing everyone speculate. As I’ve mentioned so many times before, I am obsessed with mysteries and with the unknown, and I can only guess that my love for the ocean and the sea and the water comes from knowing so little about it.

In my lifetime, I’ve been to multiple aquariums, ventured on numerous water rides at the amusement park, and have most certainly spent my fair share of time down at the Jersey and Delaware beaches. But, sadly, I have never gotten the chance to fully experience what the ocean has to offer, at least not yet. The most tropical place I’ve been is Florida, and even then my explorations of aquatic life were limited to petting the sting rays at the zoo. I would love nothing more than to be able to venture somewhere tropical, put on a wet suite, and explore the depths of the ocean, even if just for a couple of hours.

snorkelling2It is for this reason that I knew I had to put go scuba diving on my bucket list. I want to be able to say that, at least once in my life, I was able to explore something so unique and unknown to me and to the rest of the world. It’s one thing to be able to share experiences with someone based on the monuments you’ve visited or the streets you’ve walked. However, it’s a completely different feeling being able to recount tails only special to you. Almost like trying to explain how your favorite book or favorite song makes you feel to someone else. It’s hard to describe but being able to talk about it and remember the experience is a greater joy than the book itself. That’s what I feel like scuba diving would be for me, and that is why I’m so inclined to do it.

Plan-a-scuba-diving-tripThe closest I’ve ever been to “scuba” diving, and I used that term extremely loosely, is when my friends and I along with my classmates ventured to Wales for an outdoor expedition trip. The trip consisted of canoeing, cliff diving, repelling down moutons, building our own rafts, white water rafting, and coasteering. Coasteering, for those of you that are unfamiliar, is where you ultimately scale the coast of the ocean in order to reach a destination.It reacquires a lot of teamwork, especially when the 6-8 foot waves rise up 150 feet in front of you and you have to cling to each other to brace for impact. At one point, we had to cross the jetty we were on and return to the shore, a process that required us to swim about 200 feet to the shoreline. Upon swimming, my friend and I encountered a massive wave, and were quite literally thrown against the shoreline (if it wasn’t for the helmet I was wearing I probably wouldn’t be here typing this, it was that bad). However, once we managed to miraculously pick ourselves up without a scratch, we found we were face to face with several seals that had ridden the wave to the shore with us. It was magical, and so unlike any experience I’ve ever had before.

I would love nothing more than to some day in the near future be able to say that I, Kimberly Shelton, explorer for the day, had successfully explored an unknown part of the world, and saw things that only I would remember in my lifetime. It is for that reason that I’ve added scuba diving to the many of my life goals, and why I hope to be able to cross it off that same list someday soon.

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4 Responses to My Life Bucket List: Go Scuba Diving

  1. Nicole Kirchner says:

    Wow, it sounds like you have been on some really cool adventures in your life! Scuba diving would be such a cool thing to experience, and it is definitely something that is on my own bucket list. In fact, last semester I signed up to take the Scuba Diving Kinesiology course here so that I could get scuba certified. Unfortunately, they cancelled the class, so I took Yoga instead. One day, though, I definitely want to learn how to scuba dive!! I hope that you get to experience scuba diving one day, as well!

  2. Allie Whitman says:

    I’ve always wanted to go scuba diving, too! I’m not that great of a swimmer though, and I sort of have a fear of deep water, so I’m not sure if I’ll ever do it. I hope you get to!! The closest I’ve come is snorkeling off the coast of Turks and Caicos, in the Caribbean. It was amazing to be floating at the top of the ocean and realize that there are miles and miles of water below you. It was especially cool since the water was so clear–I could see a whole different world down there. The experience felt like what I imagine flying to be like!

  3. Kaitlin Corson says:

    Scuba diving has always sounded interesting to me, but also scares me at the same time. I’ve never been anywhere tropical either, but this summer I am going to St. Thomas for a week. My friend that I am going with actually texted me this past week asking if I wanted to go scuba diving while we were there and now we’re signed up for it. It should be a very exciting experience and I can’t wait to go!
    Scuba diving is definitely something adventurous and something anyone who loves the ocean should try which is why I’m giving it a shot!

  4. Jack Hatzell says:

    Scuba Diving is also something that is definitely on my bucket list. The closest that I have been to scuba diving was when I went snorkeling in Florida which was actually an incredible experience even though I was not completely under water the whole time. I am actually thinking about taking scuba diving as my KINES class sometime next year.

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