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Addario uses no shortage of powerful and enticing writing techniques. Whether it’s her use of colloquial phrases or strong powerful diction, her style of writing constantly serves a purpose throughout the novel. I will be focusing on the latter for this blog. On page 93 when Addario is describing the US invasion of Iraq she is using extremely vivid language. She uses a lot of figurative language and powerful diction to really paint a picture for the reader. Everything about that section, her word choice, her analogies, metaphors, hyperbole, etc. is made to make the audience feel like they are there with her, watching as missiles fall from the sky and gun fire echoes through the landscape. I believe that had she used more formal, less imaginative tone and diction in this section it would have been a much less interesting read and would not have stuck with me for all this time after reading the book.

While I used that specific section as an example, the use of powerful language is not the writing strategy I was admiring. What amazed me about her writing is that the way she wrote varied greatly based on the story she was telling. Her voice as an author has such tremendous range that no matter what she was writing, it always perfectly complemented the story she was telling. This is something that I want to incorporate into my blog. I’ve always felt a little unsatisfied with my voice as a writer and I would love to improve it using this strategy. If I am able to make my voice as a writer more in tune with the topic I’m discussing and what I’m saying about that topic I feel like I will have taken my writing to the next level, which is something I have been longing for since the start of high school.

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  1. The use of figurative language is definitely prominent throughout Addario’s piece, and I feel that it’s highly important to mention that when assessing the numerous writing strategies used. I would have to agree with your “what if” statement on the lack of figurative language in the novel because it is one of the driving forces of the narrative. I had not been conscious of the change of style throughout each of the stories told when I had read through the book the first time, but going back this past week to find a scene for my own RCL does help me to become aware of the changes. I think this is an interesting strategy that Addario has utilized, and I believe it would be beneficial to your own blog since voice is the strongest tool writers possess. I feel that this post could have benefitted from more examples to support your admiration for Addario’s writing strategy, but overall, I cannot wait to see what you do with your passion blog now that you have a newfound concept of voice to work with!

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