RCL 7-It’s What I Do

Addario includes many powerful photos in her book. Seeing as she is a photographer telling her stories, this comes as no surprise. This is because Addario knows how powerful of an effect images can have on an audience. While many of the photos in the book had an effect on me, none were more profound than these two. Starting on top, this picture is really devastating. Thinking about that poor man dealing with all the dead is just tragic. My mind goes to thinking if he knew or was close to any of those people. I wonder if any of those lost were his loved ones. I have tried but I can’t even begin to imagine what I’d do if I was in his position. Now the kid, this one really hits me hard. Seeing his battered face is one thing, but those will heal. Seeing the expression on his face, the pain in his eyes, that’s what gets me. By around the age 8 or so, this kid has had experiences no person should ever have to. He has likely lost family and friends at an unfairly young age for no good reason. Those are the wounds that cut deepest, that will take longest to heal. This photo truly captures all of that at once.

In terms of my own blog, I have already begun to incorporate photos and videos to improve the quality of the blog. Addario knows that images can have a profound impact on a viewer and, as you probably already know, my blog is about movies, which can use imagery to achieve profound effects in the same way. Last blog I used videos to show scenes that I was talking about because, even though I could go on for pages about them, it will never compare to seeing it for yourself.

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