For centuries now, humans have developed countless forms of entertainment. One of the most lasting and timeless of those forms is comedy. Since the dawn of civilization, people have sought out laughter for entertainment. While the idea of comedy is timeless, comedic styles have shifted drastically through the ages, especially in the last 50 or so years. What does this shift say about us? About our society?

In 60’s comedy was family friendly.Comedians rarely swore and told jokes about topics that were appropriate for most ages.

Comedians rarely swore and told jokes about topics that were appropriate for most ages.

Nowadays popular comedy is a much more raunchy and inappropriate brand that brings up questions about society.

Comedians constantly swear and joke about very controversial topics.

Comedy has become a form of entertainment known for causing controversy.

Comedians constantly push boundaries that can either get a laugh or enrage people.

Should we return to a time where comedy was more family friendly or should we allow them to continue to cause us to ask questions about ourselves?


Comedy is a reflection of our society. Comics write things that we laugh at.

Our culture is more comfortable now laughing about controversial topics than we did in the mid 20th century.

But why?

Is it because we have become numb to serious topics? Is it a coping mechanism for the general public? Are we just harder to offend than we were?

These questions are hard to answer but are very important. I believe the shift is a combination of the first two reasons. Offending people, if anything, is easier than it was in the 60’s. But I believe people cope with humor more than they used to. This coping has caused some people to become numb to serious situations and make jokes in especially poor taste.

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