Group Members: Sophia Boudreau, Cameron McGovern, Matthew Hladik, Henry Deteskey, Mitchell Dobbs, Emilio Olay.


Topic: The commercialization of Christmas and other holidays


As a member of this group, I will take equal and fair responsibility of my assigned duties to make sure that this project is finished on time and completed to the best of our group’s abilities. We will conduct interviews, research, and will observe major shopping centers. We will try to understand the different ideologies between age groups to attempt to come to a consensus.



Matthew Hladik

Sophia Boudreau

Emilio Olay

Mitchell Dobbs

Henry Robert Deteskey IV


The Commercialization of Christmas


Group Members: Sophia Boudreau (, Henry Deteskey, Mitchell Dobbs (, Matthew Hladik, Cameron McGovern (, Emilio Olay (


Group Responsibilities:


  1. Sophia – Any and all video editing, technology responsibilities, and filming
  2. Henry –
  3. Mitch – Research collection and synthesis. Aid in presenting and constructing script.
  4. Matt –
  5. Cam – Help find clips and images to use in the video and help with the writing for the video
  6. Emilio – Research collection and synthesis. Aid in writing script.


Work Timeline


Thursday, November 30th – collect sources and begin to work on the ideal way to frame the commercialization of christmas and various other holidays. Video clips, articles, interviews, etc. will be searched for and collected, and placed into a google doc for group accessibility


Tuesday, December 5th – research will be finalized, with portions of the project divided up amongst group members Cam, Matt, Henry, Emilio, and Mitch. Each presenting member will be required to know the particular aspect of the project that he is responsible for discussing. Each member will speak for roughly the same amount of time, eventually committing the topics at hand to memory for Sophia to film. Filming will hopefully get started during this class session or shortly thereafter.


Thursday, December 7th – Presentation of various aspects will occur, with Sophia filming. If not during the class session, filming and editing will take place on Friday, December 8th, or when the group has time to assemble and present in an ideal location. Editing and revising will occur during this session.

Friday, December 8th – Sunday, December 10th – presentations, filming, editing, and the remaining facets of the project will be completed and finalized, with a final product produced by the end of the day on Sunday, December 10th. Editing and revising will occur during this session.