Office Hour Group Conferences

During Wednesday’s office hours you’ll be meeting with a small group and with either me or Teresa. Before we meet, you will read your group members’ drafts and complete the draft workshop questions and provide any additional feedback. Make sure that you have a copy of your groupmates’ drafts to look at during our conversation (it’s fine to bring a laptop/tablet or a hard copy). You will be responsible for connecting with your group to make sure that you have enough time to read drafts and answer questions ahead of our meeting though you do not need to give them your answers and feedback until we meet. Additionally, you will need to make sure that you post your draft on your RCL blog by 5:00 pm so Teresa and I can have them available when we meet.

Here are your groups and your meeting times:


6:30-6:55: Miah, Destiny, Audrey

7:00-7:25: Ana, Alexis, Emma

7:30-7:55: Teniola, Elijah, Zion

8:00-8:25: Marlisa, Anastasia, Angela

8:30-8:55: Tia, Cuyler, Christopher


6:30-6:55: Carlos, Brian, Simone

7:00-7:25: Sojung, Alyx, Tania

7:30-7:55: Bianka, Ananda, Stephan

8:00-8:25: Christian, Ashley, Talia

8:30-8:55: Arianna, Nokrane

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