Major Assignments

RCL I has four required assignments (two speeches/presentations and two essays). In addition, the course requires a capstone multi-media project, which will use media editing technology and will be designed, composed, performed, and produced in groups. All assignments must be completed in order to pass this class, and a passing grade in RCL I is required in order to take RCL II this spring. Specific details on the assignments will be available on the course website and discussed in class.


Early in the semester, students will set up a blog using WordPress through Penn State (your instructor will provide details for how to set up the blogs). These blogs, featuring two weekly categories, will be devoted to RCL and will be distinct from any other blogs you keep. Blogs from this particular section of RCL will be aggregated so that you, your classmates, and your instructor may easily find and read each other’s posts. Blogs posts (in the Passion and RCL categories) will be due each Friday prior to class for a total of 5 weeks.