Student Blogs

Why blog groups?

Passion blogs: Sharing your writing with a small group over the course of a month or so will allow you to see the progression in your groupmates’ work. Getting to know each others’ blog projects will give you a chance to offer thoughtful observations and insightful criticism (of the constructive kind, of course) that takes into account the blog projects. Remember, you’re not writing collections of thoughts that you’re tossing into a blog, but you’re working on something cohesive that engages readers, drawing them into your passion.

RCL Blogs: The RCL blog, as you know, functions somewhat differently. For now, your small group is a convenient way to give you a manageable work group as you develop your projects.

You are always welcome (and encouraged!) to read blogs outside of your group, and you may comment on them as well (of course!).

Group 1

Miah Sherman

Destiny Durante

Audrey Arner

Ana De La Fuente Duran

Group 2

Alexis Pritchard

Emma Dodoo

Teniola Idowu

Elijah Reber

Group 3

Zion Emanuel

Marlisa Shaw

Anastasia Hale

Angela Chan

Group 4

Tia Walker

Cuyler Luck

Christopher Pratt

Carlos Curay

Group 5

Brian Swab

Simone Pope

Sojung KIm

Alyx Oakley

Group 6

Tania Barnatan

Bianka Onwumbiko

Ananda Rankin

Stephan Terry

Group 7

Christian Reyes Loring

Ashley Saunders

Talia Seymore

Arianna Ferguson

Nokrane Ahamadi