RCL #6- It’s What I Do

“I had the privilege of to travel and to walk away from hardship when it became to much to bear. Most people on Earth didn’t have an exit door to walk away from their own lives.”


This passage is located at the start of chapter 8 of It’s What I Do by Lynsey Addario. This passage represents the conflicting thoughts of Addario on her job and life. Being a war photographer, Addario is consistently put in bad situations where her life is in danger but since she is only there for a job, she can leave at any time if it gets too dangerous. She is having a lot of conflicting thoughts because of this reason. Addario says earlier that she enjoys her career a lot and feels great joy in doing it. She is conflicted because she realizes one of the reasons that she likes it so much is because she is able to leave at any time and she feels bad about that. Addario makes this part connect to the reader because it is likely the reader could understand that feeling of not fully being in that bad situation. Often on the news, we see terrible events and we can’t fully understand what it feels like to be there and fully involved. Addario is having this similar experience even while being in the action.


I don’t really have a conflict that is super similar to this or pertains to my passion blog in particular. One somewhat similar conflict I have is with my passion of Psychology. I hopefully want to do something with Psychology as a career and I will most likely be put in scenarios where I will need to help people that I won’t fully understand what it’s like to be them. Like Addario I feel slightly conflicted on if I will be able to understand there situation. This is a conflict that I think most people have and need to work with.

One thought on “RCL #6- It’s What I Do

  1. I like how you connected your passion of psychology to Addario because although many people may not get that situation, as a psych major myself, I can definitely see where you’re coming from with that perspective. I think the quote/ passage you analyzed is really well represented though you could have gone slightly more in depth. Overall, good job!

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