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InĀ It’s What I Do by Lynsey Addario, Addario constantly writes about vivid events that can be easily pictured in the mind of the reader. While this is already great, Addario, being a photographer, includes many intense pictures that mirror what she is talking about. Many of these pictures show intense pictures of battle or war scenes but there are two that particularly stick out to me.


The first picture that sticks out to me is the top picture on picture page 11 between pages 146 and 147. In this picture, rockets are being launched at the enemies of Kurdish. The thing that I found most striking about this image is the fact that there is this big rocket launcher that causes destruction and death in a beautiful scenery. There is a big element of contrast between the scenery and the cannon which I find very striking.


Another picture that I find very striking is located on picture page 26 and 27 between pages 210 and 211. The picture depicts children playing around a burning car. I found this picture very striking because of how “ok” the children were with playing around the burning car. I personally have never been around something like that were people would be fine with a random car burning outside.


I feel like pictures and videos are very important to my passion blog in particular. Since I am interviewing people as the focal point of my blog, being able to put a face to the name is very important. It makes the reader more interested and connect with the player I interview. I also feel like videos are an important part and I like to include highlight reels of each player I interview. Since I am focusing on football players, certain readers might be interested in how the players are on the field since my blog focuses more on off-field characteristics. Overall I feel that the use of images and video are very important to blogging.

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  1. Excellent analysis of the images Addario depicts in her memoir. I agree that the first image is especially captivating. The rocket launcher juxtaposes the background completely; your examination of this contrast’s impact is engaging and rhetorically accurate. The second image definitely accentuates the loss of innocence in times of war. Addario’s employment of fire is effective in underlining the harsh, bitter realities of modern warfare and the unforgiving environment that war composes. Overall, a wonderful post about the impact of multimedia. Great job!

    Billy Young

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