Paradigm Shift Draft

Term: “Redskin”

Original Meaning:

  • Term used as a derogatory term for Native Americans
  • Use of the term was frowned upon because of its negative connotation
  • It was basically a word that was only used in a derogatory sense

Cause of Change:

  • The NFL team, The Washington Redskins, became a team

New Meaning:

  • Term used to describe a football team or a Native American
  • No longer holds the derogatory meaning
  • The history of the word has been lost over time

One thought on “Paradigm Shift Draft

  1. We discussed your topic in depth during class and I think it would be very interesting if you went with the idea where you outline what the Redskins could do to get the controversy off their backs. There are probably also other ways you could take this heavily contested topic and get a new perspective on it. I think most of the students in the class will be very interested in your findings!

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