RCL 9- Ted Talk Outline

My Paper focuses on the term “redskin” and how its meaning and cultural significance has warn off/changed. For my Ted talk, I wish to focus on the debate over should the Washington Redskins change their name.


  • The team name is considered to be a “slur”
    • The team name is an offensive term
    • People are upset in the fact that a team at the national level chooses to be represented by a slur
  • Native Americans Voice Change
    • Many groups of Native Americans wish for the name to be changed
    • They have filled many complaints saying the team name brings upon bad stereotypes
  • First Ammendment
    • It is the team/owners right to name the team “redskin” under the first ammendment
    • It is considered to be freedom of speech
  • Time it was created
    • At the time, it was at a time where the use of slurs were not as frowned upon
  • The issues with Changing a Logo
    • You have to rebrand everything for a team
    • It is extremely expensive for an owner and a team, can lose tons of money and has financially harmed owners
    • It takes a lot of time and resources
  • Personal Opinion on whether or not the name should change


One thought on “RCL 9- Ted Talk Outline

  1. We discussed your topic in depth during class and I think it would be very interesting if you went with the idea where you outline what the Redskins could do to get the controversy off their backs. There are probably also other ways you could take this heavily contested topic and get a new perspective on it. I think most of the students in the class will be very interested in your findings! (Commented on the wrong post, sorry)

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