RCL #1 The American Idea

America, the nation which myself and many others call their home. America, the nation which has been the poster child for how to start and run a democracy for other nations. America, the place where millions of people have lost their lives fighting for and defending their independence. America, a nation that has never been afraid to stir up controversy and rise up are doing it once again.

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In the current environment, America has one idea in mind, fight for what you believe is right. The fact is that people across the nation are taking a stand for what they believe in at such a rate that hasn’t been seen in a very long time. If you turn on the news, read a paper, check social media, you can see the multitude of controversies going throughout the country. This happens all day, every day. It’s everywhere, spreading across the nation like an epidemic. Everyone has a side, whether it be pro vs anti-Trump, Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter vs White Supremacy, pro vs anti-Feminism, or standing vs kneeling for the Anthem. People like Colin Kaepernick, Alicia Garza, and Hillary Clinton are at the forefront of these stands. These stands are different from the ones in the past because no longer only a few people are able to receive media attention about their opinion. With the increase in use of social media, everyone has a voice. This current idea is to fight for what you believe.

While there are many different things that could be current ideas in America I believe that the current idea in America is what it should be. While having a nation that is consumed by controversy can be bad, it is not an unfamiliar place for America. This isn’t the first time that this has happened and it has helped shape the nation into what it is today. People like Martin Luther King Jr. and Muhammad Ali became some of the most influential men in America through standing up for what they believed in. Is it possible that the voices of the next Martin Luther King Jr. or Muhammad Ali will be heard through these controversies? Also, with the increasing popularity of controversies in America, that also leads more people in America wanting to help people across the country. If the people in a country like America step up, it makes the smaller nations that look at us and think that they can do it to. So for the sake of this nation and the ones that look up to us, I believe that current idea of fighting for what you believe in is what the current idea in America should be.











2 thoughts on “RCL #1 The American Idea

  1. I like how you started this post, sharing all of the different ways to describe America and the ideals behind them. By connecting modern icons such as Colin Kaepernick and Muhammed Ali, you allow the readers to see the idea of America as people and not just an abstract thing. The idea of “fighting for what you believe is right” was a great idea to describe America by because of the arguments occurring everywhere around us on differing opinions and such. Standing up for one’s own beliefs has become more and more common in this day and age.

  2. I love this; the push for American responsibility both inside and outside it’s borders is something that the government needs to start taking seriously. Our relations worldwide can only go as well as we are able to work together here inside the US. We as citizens need to start taking a stand for what matters and pushing our country in a better direction than it’s currently going in.

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