RCL 3 Cereal and Milk

With our increased look at the “This I Believe” podcasts, there have been a few that have stood out to me. They have made me think; they have made me want to write a reaction to it. One of those was the podcast of “I Believe to Put Your Milk before Your Cereal” by Diana Alnemri.

Originally, the name of the podcast caught my eye. I personally don’t put milk in my cereal at all but I know that it is considered sacrilegious by most people to put the milk before the cereal. The podcast starts by telling a story of how her friends had said that she was making her cereal wrong. The podcast than takes a turn which is what I find to be very interesting.

Diana focuses on how the milk and cereal represents events in life, saying that the cereal is the main events while the milk is the smaller things in between. She then proceeds to talk about that while the cereal is the meal or the main event, she prefers the milk or the smaller event that ties the event together. To give an example of this, Diana tells a story of how a group of her friends were going to a concert and while her friends were looking forward to the concert, she was looking forward to the lunch they were having before and the sleepover they had planned for after. She then talks about how she could remember very little about the concert but she remembered a lot from the other events.

It is this idea of importance of the smaller events that I really agreed with. I also tend to look forward to the smaller events that would happen. For example, if you were to ask me to recount what happened at my high school graduation I could tell you very little from the event itself. In comparison, if you asked me what we did before graduation, I could go in depth on how we were waiting to walk to our graduation and trying to figure out how exactly put the tassel on our cap. Again with after graduation, I could go in depth about going to dinner with my family and what our discussions focused . I thought that the whole theme of this podcast was one that I could agree with.

To me I can totally agree with the importance of the smaller events. I often find myself looking forward to the smaller events too.



2 thoughts on “RCL 3 Cereal and Milk

  1. I, too, agree in the importance of small things. I think it’s important to point out, however, not just the memorability of small things, but the essentiality of them. Sure, we all tend to focus on cereal, but without the milk, the experience would be bland and incomplete (unless you don’t put milk in cereal, I guess). Like milk, the small things in life complete what would otherwise be an unfinished portrait, and truly are essential.

  2. I think appreciating the little things in life is the only thing that will get you through the day. If we only look ahead to big events, we will not have anything that we can get excited about on a daily basis. Further, if one of those big events does not go exceptionally well, our only source of happiness is tainted. I really think that this is a wholesome post. I am making it my goal to start appreciating the little things more. Thanks!

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