RCL #5

Teamwork when it comes to group projects is the most important thing that a team can do. While some projects require different people to have very different parts, the fact that one can rely as someone as part of a team is what makes those projects able to succeed.

My prior experience with group projects tends to go one of two ways. One way ends with people not doing any work and not agreeing, then scrambling at the end and having to turn in a bad project and praying for a good grade. The other way is that we work as a team and put fourth a good project that we feel represents us well.

While in both cases we finish the project in time, I feel much better about and more proud of the second way I do a project. I feel like it is this style that we need to make sure that we do for our public deliberation. Since there are so many voices present in this project, we need to make sure that we work as a team so that all of our opinions on the project are present during our final presentation of it.

To make sure that we are working our hardest as a team, we need to make sure that everyone is vocal. People in our group need not to be afraid of presenting there points if they think that something should change or don’t like the direction that the current project is going in. We also need to make we can split the amount of work up as closest to even as we can. This will make people more likely to work as a team because people won’t be upset that they have more work than someone else. If we stick to this, we should make a good group project.


2 thoughts on “RCL #5

  1. I too prefer the second way of doing a team project. So far, it seems that that is they way things are going in our team. We have not had any problems with people voicing their opinions. I think that once we can get past the large amount of conversation, that we will be able to make a very coherent and informative piece. Also, I think our group knows how to have fun, which means nobody feels forced to do the work. In the end, I believe that this will produce better content and look forward to seeing our end result.

  2. I agree with your preference of the second way to complete a project, and think that it is worth noting that success in a group project will be accomplished in the same way as success in our public deliberations. All voices must contribute, rather than one or two people drowning out the thoughts of others, and this can only be accomplished by fostering a comfortable environment where people desire to share their opinions.

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