RCL Prompt #1- It’s What I Do

Since I was a little girl, my happiness has always been drawn from dance and travel. As I grew older and more prone to appreciating these “activities”, dance and travel soon became strong passions of mine.

Whether it is through a blog, essay, or conversation, it is understood very quickly that dancing is my strongest passion and is encompassed or incorporated in almost every aspect of my life (at least, I have tried to do so). Because I begged my mother to take me to dance classes when I was 3 years old, I never considered other physical activities such as sports. Dancing rigorously, to the point where its art form and athletic component were questioned, I mentally considered dance a  graceful sport. At 10 years old, and to my humbling surprise, I realized that dance was not considered a sport and to this day, I always ask myself “well, why not?” As a possible passion blog topic, I hope to present an unseen perspective on dance, that may inspire athletes to rethink the stereotypical views of dance: ballet buns and pink tutus. Furthermore, in this passion blog, I will address four key concepts that I believe will compare and bridge a commonality between dance and sports: body image, daily life, getting jobs, and social media.

Living in a multicultural household, traveling has always been a part of my life and five years ago, it became a passion. This summer, I traveled to Chinandega, Nicaragua where I had one of the most transforming experiences as a person of “privilege”. Sharing my experiences about my mission trip to Nicaragua, I hope to inform those who do not think about their privilege or those who love to travel about what everyday life, culture, and politics is like and how they all affect the lives of not only Nicaraguans but also a majority of the world.

One thought on “RCL Prompt #1- It’s What I Do

  1. Noelia, you truly have two very fresh and unique proposals. Personally, I am very intrigued by your first idea. Having such a unique perspective, blogging would be a perfect medium to examine dance further and give readers insight on something they may not quite comprehend. In your first blog post, I think you should consciously establish ethos to truly solidify your authority as a dancer for over a decade. Maybe you could embed some video clips in addition to photographs since dancing may not be best captured in stills. Whether you choose your first or second proposal, I think you have two very compelling stories to tell and I look forward reading more about your passions.

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