RCL Prompt #3- It’s What I Do

Addario had been one of few photographers that had taken interest in the middle east prior to 9/11; therefore, her experience became an important asset to newspapers when she revisits the region post 9/11 described on page 70. “By the time I arrived in the hostile Pakistani city of Peshawar, dozens of journalists had already checked into its few hotels. It was September 21.”

When I think of 9/11, I think of the twin towers and the physical and emotional aftermath of the attack. How this event had changed the middle east, even a few days or weeks after 9/11, was a part of this tragic event I had never thought of. Addario utilizes imaginary to bring the cheer chaos and newly developed interest in the middle east to life. She mentions faces she had only seen on tv darting through her hotel lobby, competition to make the front pages, and rooms being shared my multiple photographers and news broadcasters because everything was booked. While this idea is simple and may seem obvious, I had never considered telling a story in any of my passion blog. For the most part, it is a persuasive narrative. Visualising Addario’s experience made her story all the more interesting and convincing; therefore, if I were to start off one of my passion blogs with a story, I believe it could provide personal insight to my argument in order to make it more convincing.

Throughout her rediscovery of the places and the people she had once known, Addario employs erotemas to spark ideas or thoughts about controversial or debated issues. She asks her readers, “were we about to have another Vietnam, with a ground war and American troops dug into trenches?” Unfortunately, the truth about what really happened is already known by many, but Addario utilizes this question to make the reader question the morality of the war in Iraq. Given that my passion blog is persuasive, I can use erotemas to my advantage by also making my reader think about certain aspects of dance they had not yet considered.

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  1. Noelia, I found it really interesting reading about your post. Like you, I too never really thought about the impact 9/11 had on the middle east right after the towers fell. It is clear that is was obvious to the reporters that the middle east was about to be a battle ground so I am curious as to if everyone had that same belief. Did everyone think we were about to start a ground war? Another thing I liked about your post was how you thought about telling a story to make your personal posts more interesting and more appealing to the audience. This is a unique persuasive technic that I definitely feel will work out with your blog.

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