RCL #6- It’s What I Do

Although briefly mentioned in the beginning of chapter 12, Lynsey has always had conflicting feelings between her work life and personal life. For that matter, her work life has prominently effected her personal life as she has always made it her priority. After her capture, she recalls her experience coming home to Paul. She writes, “Neither of us cried. We didn’t make love nonstop. We simply held each other, kissed tenderly, slept, walked, swan, ate, drank, and slept some more.” The emotional conflict sparked by her near experience with rape in addition to the various other difficult situations she faced while on the job is well captured in these beginning passages because the aftermath causes her to rethink her life.

Following her capture, Lynsey was so overwhelmed with emotion that she could not bring herself to surpass kissing her husband. Overcoming, a near dramatic experience is relatable to an audience because many have been in a similar or emotionally stressing situation. While Lynsey’s profession is not necessarily as relatable as it is interesting, the trauma she experiences after being captured is unfortunately relatable.

Similar to Lynsey, I have experience conflict choosing a career as a professional dancer or a lawyer/diplomat. I always asked myself if I would be happy being a professional dancer or if pursuing a more academic field would lead me to greater happiness. Although Lynsey often questions if she is making the right choice, I have asked myself the same question several times this year. In my passion blog, I will highlight risk as a conflict because I believe that it is a risk for any dancer to pursue a carrier that is so selective and competitive. While Addario’s would define her risk as being that of life or death, the risk many professional dancers take is loosing their job overnight. Overall, conflict is relatable to different audiences. As a result, Lynsey is able to capture her audience because her emotional conflict is felt by many.


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