RCL #9- TED Talk Outline

Micro Financing Her Education for Her Future


-Intro: There are 36 million girls around the world who are not in school and even more who have never been granted the gift of an education. Global gender inequality is one of the greatest inhibitors to development as women represent more than half the global population and are either suppressed to the possibility of success or underrepresented in numerous prestigious positions.

-Thesis: While global women’s equality in education is a right that carries many difficulties and barriers, there are certain methods and solutions such as micro financing that can alleviate these barriers for women in underdeveloped nations to provide for them a brighter future.

-Barriers to an education: being the wrong gender, early marriage and pregnancy, lack of funding for schools, books, and classroom materials, distance from home, hunger and poor nutrition

-What is micro financing?: an array of financial services, including loans, savings, and insurance, available to poor entrepreneurs and small business owners who wouldn’t otherwise qualify for a standard bank loan given their economic status. (small loans that can go a long way)

-What is the goal of micro financing?: provide individuals with money to invest in themselves or their businesses to help them get out of poverty.

-Why does this effective or why does it work?: small loans of money, that are easily paid back (especially for industrial economic benefits). In fact, it has been proven that impoverished people are more likely to pay their loans back than the average person in a developed nation. To be exact, 99% of micro loans given are returned.

  1. Industrial or Economic benefits: more female entrepreneurs= increase demand, opportunities, voting (Bangladesh)= more representation in government, pull people out of poverty (education)
  2. Service benefits: While micro loans are primarily used for entrepreneurial purposes… why not utilize it’s success to provide for greater educational opportunities that will in turn transform the life of a young girl, give her a stronger voice, and the ability to attain leadership positions… and more

-What happens when you educate girls?: you foster more than empowerment, you create opportunities. When more women hold STEM Jobs, representing citizens in local, regional, and national governments, run businesses… you name it… the economy does better, states prosper, equality prospers, but more importantly you are one step closer to a more peaceful world

-Conclude story

-Conclusion: There are 36 million girls around the world who are not in school. There are numerous angles when solving this issue, and micro financing education is one of them. Change is most effective when it is not forced on by an outside source. Real change happens from within. Real change happens when girls can take control of their own education and women can achieve their own entrepreneurial dreams. This all begins with a small loan. A loan that can provide for the basis of an education or carrier and change the life of a girl so that like you and I can achieve her dreams and aspirations.

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