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Emma Price E-Portfolio

Advocacy Project Proposal

For the advocacy project, I’d like to address the topic of gender equality and the role that both genders play in the issue. So many times, gender equality has been sold as a solely woman’s problem, but there is an entire portion of the population that that view distances. The end goal would be for people to visit the He For She website and sign their petition to join the fight for gender equality.

As for the medium, I plan on making a video with graphics representing the need for cooperation between both sexes. I plan to share the video on youtube and further encourage audiences on reddit forums and other social media to hear the message.

Persuasive Essay Topic Proposal

For the persuasive essay, I'd like to look into the topic of vaccination mandates and regulation, but more specifically how the power to mandate and regulate vaccines should be in the hands of the federal government, rather than in the states hands, … [Continue reading]

Deliberation Reflection

For the past few weeks, we have been working on preparing to facilitate a deliberation with our peers and other community members. Many times, discussions like these turn into debates, where certain people can't share their beliefs without others … [Continue reading]

This I Believe: I Don’t Have to Decide

A rock star princess on the moon. When I was little and was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have told you that I wanted to be a rock star and a princess and an astronaut. Yes. I had some pretty big aspirations starting before I … [Continue reading]

Blog Post #1

This I Believe Topics: "I Don't Have to Decide" - If you ask anyone who really knows me they'll all tell you one thing about me: that I am incapable of making decisions. Of any kind. In life, people will tell you to make choices. But I believe … [Continue reading]

HW Post #9

From the beginning, I was excited to have the opportunity to craft a presentation like this. I have always welcomed challenges of public speaking and the level of freedom we were given for this assignment enabled me to have many different ideas of … [Continue reading]


Two weekends ago, I went on my first canning trip with my THON Committee. I had heard a lot about what canning would be like: how much closer you get with the people you go with, how cold it can be, and most of all, how good it makes you feel to … [Continue reading]

Kitchen Inferno

  Today, Food Network is premiering a new cooking show called Kitchen Inferno. Chefs compete in a variety of cooking challenges, and must decide if they would like to take their earnings and run, or risk it all for the grand prize. A … [Continue reading]

TED Talk Outline

Intro The story of Odysseus After the Trojan War, Odysseus takes ten years to return to Ithaca Uses the thoughts of his family and his penelope to get back home Nostalgia seen as a bad thing Derived from Greek “nostos” meaning … [Continue reading]

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