Sleeping Beauty


Every week, my RA puts out new advertisements around our floor. Whether it is a new stall story or a new display on the bulletin board. These advertise things like events that we can attend, resources that are available to us, as well as some general tips about well-being.

My RA is a nutrition major, so she likes to remind us about everything we should be doing to keep our bodies healthy. One morning, she provided breakfast bars in the bathroom to make sure we were eating breakfast and to remind us of how important it is to eat before we start the day.

This week, there was a new display on the bulletin board in the bathroom. This time it was encouraging us to get enough sleep at night. There were a bunch of facts about different tips to make sure we are getting a healthy amount of sleep every night. But what really caught my eye was the picture of Sleeping Beauty right in the middle of the display.

I remembered how much my sister and I used to love the Disney Princesses when we were younger. We would be them for Halloween and dress up like them on any day we were feeling like a princess. I thought it was interesting to have been reminded of all of these childhood memories simply from a wall as I walked out of a bathroom stall.

Even though these memories the board brought back weren’t necessarily related to sleeping, they did make me take a moment and think about what the sign had to say, more so than if it would have just had words. I’ll admit, I don’t normally take the time to read what is on the various bulletin boards throughout campus, but I’ll acknowledge the fact that this reminder of my childhood really stood out to me.


  1. Ilayda Jinjee Orankoy says:

    Your RA sounds really cool! I like that she uses Disney princesses as inspiration to be healthy. It’s creative and pretty effective – and even if you don’t necessarily listen to the advice, it’s still pretty cute.

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