Kitchen Inferno



Today, Food Network is premiering a new cooking show called Kitchen Inferno. Chefs compete in a variety of cooking challenges, and must decide if they would like to take their earnings and run, or risk it all for the grand prize.

A regular on the show, Mikey Robins is 16 years old, from Lower Gwynedd, Pennsylvania. He got his start by appearing on Teen Chopped in 2013. He has since started an event planning and catering business, all the while continuing his high school classes.

I went grade school with Mikey’s sister and have known him and his family since I was little.

As with any new TV show, there is a lot of advertising that goes on before the show actually begins. Commercials, ads, interviews.

One thing that I have seen a lot of recently that I didn’t used to see is the use of Social Media. Before, networks would advertise for their shows and that would be that. But now there is a whole new side to advertising: one in which every party involved can play a part.

Both Mikey and his family have been posting about the show on their social media sites for the past few weeks. They get likes and more people to see each post with every like and comment. It is amazing the reach that social media has gained, perhaps more so than traditional advertising at this point. The networks individual people have, span a greater amount of people than most companies do.

This aspect of advertising is something that can only grow more. It is amazing to think that just a few years ago, there was no impact such as this, but now it plays such an important role.


  1. Nicole Humza says:

    You bring up a really interesting topic. It’s so weird to imagine a time when campaigns were on posters, commercials, or just word-of-mouth. Your second to last sentence made me wonder what might be around in ten years from now.

  2. Margot Weitz says:

    I definitely agree with you that the use of social media regarding television has exploded. Nowadays, every TV show and every actor/actress has an instagram. These instragrams are usually made solely to promote the show. Personally, I love the One Tree Hill Instagram!

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