HW Post #9

From the beginning, I was excited to have the opportunity to craft a presentation like this. I have always welcomed challenges of public speaking and the level of freedom we were given for this assignment enabled me to have many different ideas of where I wanted to go. I had thought about many different topics, all of which, I thought would lend themselves well to this type of presentation.

I wanted to do something abstract, something that people don’t think about in their everyday lives. I wanted to make people think about the way they live their lives, and question what they had been doing for so long. I played around with a variety of different thought processes and came up with this one.

My paradigm shift was about coffee houses and how their role in society has changed as the views of society have changed. In the past, there was a boom of innovation and every aspect of a person’s life had something to do with advancing knowledge. Even their thoughts and conversationsĀ in, say, a coffee shop. Now, there has already been so much innovation in the past. And there is still plenty more to learn, but the people of today’s society are beginning to appreciate the past and not push so hard for advancing. Hence, the old fashioned coffee shop that is so common.

I thought about how I could relate this back to the audience, and make them really take to heart what I was saying. That’s where my idea of analyzing the effects nostalgia can have on a person’s emotions and thought processes.

A challenge I faced with this topic for a presentation like this, was how I was going to take something so abstract and be able to break it down and say what I wanted to say in 4-5 min. I struggled with how concise I needed to be. I also wrestled with the best way to represent these ideas visually that would stimulate the audience’s attention. I ended up connecting something the audience knows well, and may have some emotions to go along with it: The Incredibles.

I tried to make my visuals simple enough that the audience wouldn’t have to work hard to follow along, especially since the topic was so abstract. Because of this, I used simple fonts, formats, and color schemes.

Looking back, I think that the visuals I had were effective in supplementing my presentation, however, if I could go back and do it over again, I would add a few more slides. There was a lot of time that the screen was blank, and I think my overall presentation could have benefitted from some more simple, yet informative slide.

Looking at the explanation and delivery of my performance, I think that the fact that I didn’t memorize the lines exactly helped with the conversational tone I was going for. However, I wish I would have been more confident with the information, so there wouldn’t have been as many pauses. However, this was definitely partly because of nerves.

I liked the storyline about The Incredibles I weaved throughout the presentation. However, I think I could have delivered the story more effectively as well.

Overall, I think that there weren’t any major aspects I would change and I was happy with how the presentation turned out.

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