Reflection on Rhetorical Analysis

Although I was initially uncertain of how I would go about writing my rhetorical analysis, I think the overall process was quite beneficial. I enjoyed going through multiple advertisements, especially the Super Bowl commercials (which never fail to impress) and found myself subconsciously thinking about how ethos, pathos, and logos-based appeals applied to these pieces of text. Through the assignment, I feel like I was able to improve my writing and revision skills in addition to developing a keener analytical eye in assessing how companies try to influence us into buying their products.

While I had learned about ethos, pathos, and logos in high school, I had never learned to truly analyze such appeals in application to the real world. Prior to the rhetorical analysis, I had only used ethos, pathos, and logos to analyze essays or prepare for the AP test. Admittedly, it was refreshing to analyze these rhetorical strategies as they are presented in everyday life through billboard advertisements, comics, commercials, leaflets, and much more.

In this unit, I found the concept of kairos quite interesting. I was familiar with the concept of “seizing the moment,” but never realized their was a rhetorical term associated with it. I liked how our textbook used the gun control example since it placed the rhetorical terms in modern context and made it much more understandable.

I also appreciated having my work reviewed by a peer and being able to peer-review someone else’s work. Oftentimes I find myself rambling and writing sentences that are completely logical in my head, but end up being confusing to others who read my work.  The peer-review activity gave me an opportunity to clarify my writing and learn to help others in making their writing better, which I believe is an invaluable skill. Overall, I found the rhetorical analysis very effective in getting me to  apply rhetorical terms to everyday propaganda and helping me become a better writer and critical thinker.

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