The Golden Goose: Bunny Edition

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there lived a man who had three sons: Larry, Mo, and Curly. Larry, the eldest son, was very handsome and charming, for he was quarterback of his football team and Homecoming King for three consecutive years. The father knew that Larry would one day become wealthy. Mo, the second son, was very gifted and intelligent, for he could recite the value of pi to the three hundred digits while simultaneously proving Fermat’s Last Theorem, notoriously considered as one of the most difficult proofs in the history of mathematics. The father knew that Mo would one day become famous. Despite the excellence of the first two sons, Curly, the third and youngest son, shared nothing in common with his brothers. Curly was dull and lackadaisical, for he lay in bed all day watching “Breaking Bad” while consuming jars upon jars of nutella. The father knew that nothing would ever become of Curly.

As time passed, the father aged and decided it was time for his sons to leave home and enter the real world to make their fortunes. First bidding farewell to the eldest son, the father gave Larry an insomnia cookie and some chocolate milk. Larry left with his father’s food and blessing.

While on the dusty and tumultuous path to the real world, Larry met a strange little man with an unkempt beard and scrawny face.

“I am starving, young one,” the old stranger said. “Would you share your meal with me?”

“No,” Larry replied staunchly. “I will never share my cookies and chocolate milk with anyone and I have many miles to travel, so I need as much food as I can get.” He looked resolutely into the distance and continued his path to the real world, leaving the old man behind.

The following morning, the father prepared to bid goodbye to his second son, Mo. He gave his son an insomnia cookie and chocolate milk, watching him disappear into the distance on his way to the real world.

While on his path, Mo met a strange little man with an unkempt beard and scrawny face who blocked his way.

“Pardon me, young one,” the old stranger quietly requested. “I am very hungry. Would you mind sharing your food with me?”

“Never!” screamed Mo. “How do you think I can memorize pi and solve math equations without my food. My father warned me of people like you!” Mo ran away angrily with his cookie and chocolate milk, leaving the old man behind.

The subsequent morning, the father eagerly bid farewell to his youngest son, Curly. He gave curly an insomnia cookie and chocolate milk, excitedly waiting for the moment he left the house.

While on his path to the real world, Curly came across a strange little man with an unkempt beard and scrawny face.

“I am so hungry, young man. Could I have some of your food?” the old stranger requested earnestly.

“Sure,” replied Curly. “I may not be as charming or as smart as my brothers, but I don’t mind sharing a meal.”

The old man was in pure delight, so when he finished his meal, he decided he would repay Curly for his kindness. As he chugged the last drop of chocolate milk, the old man gave Curly an ax and instructed him to cut down and old tree and sprinted away before Curly could stop him.

Seeing no other option, Curly did as he was told and chopped down the tree, which to his amazement contained a golden bunny.

Now Curly hated rabbits, but at the sight of its lustrous golden fur, he fell to his knees at the feet of the golden bunny. “I’m rich!” was the only thought that Curly could express.

Curly tied a string to the golden bunny’s neck and skipped off into the real world, where he was met with “ooohs” and “ahhhs” as people paid thousands to see the enchanted golden bunny. Meanwhile, Curly’s brothers, Larry and Mo, struggled coping with the difficulties of the real world, and ended up in positions far from fame and fortune. Curly became rich and famous and lived happily ever after.

Moral of the story: Never discredit the lazy ones. They may surprise you.

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  1. Yeah. Represent, Curly. Although personally I’m not sharing my sandwich with some dude on the street.
    Is three main characters a convenient device for you writing?

  2. You choose a really interesting and creative topic! You have a unique voice and funny take on these fairy tales. Thanks for sharing.

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