About Rhetoric and Civic Life 2016-17


My name is Tommaso Giampapa and I am a freshman here at Penn State. I am currently studying anthropology and thinking about minoring in French. A name like that, you probably guessed, is foreign, and you would be correct. I am both an Italian and American citizen with dual citizenship in both countries. I am currently enrolled in a course (CAS137) where I learn how to improve my communication through written, oral, visual, and digital mediums all under the theme of rhetoric.

Through the RCL blog posts, I will be looking introspectively at my own writing as well as answering course related questions and various readings.

I decided for my passion blogs (PAS) to introspectively explore these two sides of my personality clash in contrast with one another here in college through interviewing my peers.

I’d love to hear about everyone’s history and experience with alcohol, both culturally and presently here at PSU, so If you think you have an interesting perspective, let me know 🙂