Passion Blog Idea pitch

A passion of mine has always been college football, namely Penn State football. To me, it is more interesting than the NFL. Every game means so much more and the fans are not simply fans. They are students, peers with the players, or impassioned alumni. You are not simply rooting for a team, but instead your school who is in turn an extension of yourself. Your pride is on the line along with the school’s and you live and die with every game. With this in mind, I think it would be fun to keep an active blog week to week with the happenings in college football in the past week. The football season and the blogs fit so perfectly in fact, that my blogs would follow the season right up into the beginning of bowl season.

My other idea for a blog would be to just focus on Penn State football. I would recap the latest game and give recruiting updates along with highlights from the game. Towards the end of the blog, I would shed light on other important happenings in the week of college football and how this affects Penn State.

Regardless of whether or not I write solely about Penn State football or not, I intend to have a little segment at the end of every blog that highlights one player or one group of players, who messed up or made a horrible mistake in a key situation. This segment would be where the name of my blog, “dontbethatguy” begins to make sense. I would write about the highlighted mistake and remind everyone to, “don’t be that guy”.

To recap: Blog option 1: All of college football. Blog Option 2: Just Penn State football.

I am interested to see what you guys think, any and all suggestions are welcomed.

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