Get up, its Gameday! For the first time since 2009, ESPN’s College Gameday will be broadcasted live from Penn State, and for the first time ever, from iconic Old Main. Every week the show picks the best game of the week and hosts their show from the campus of the host team. They decided that this week, the whiteout showdown between 2. Penn State 19. Michigan, is the place to be.The atmosphere around campus is electric and campus is soon to be packed. James Franklin is calling for Beaver Stadium to be #110kstrong, and an all time large crowd is expected.

The College Gameday Crew

Everyone around college football knows that Penn State is relatively untested so far this season. Crucial to their national championship hopes is the upcoming three game stretch of 19. Michigan, 6. Ohio State, and 17. Michigan State. Penn State has done well enough to get to this point 6-0. They survived the upsets and turmoil, and now find themselves on the cusp of an actually attainable birth to their first ever College Football Playoff. Several key upsets have led to the Lions being ranked second, their highest ranking since 1999. Coming off a strong win (albeit there was much concern about a porous offensive line) against Northwestern, an advantageous bye week propelled the Lions forward. The sights are now set on Michigan. A team who humiliated the Lions 49-10, a team who may have kept the Lions out of the CFP with the trouncing, now comes to town with a chance for revenge on primetime at 7:30pm, in a whiteout, with College Gameday coming. One could argue this may be the single biggest game in terms of coverage in Penn State history. A convincing win could solidify the Lions as contenders, and Saquon as the premier Heisman favorite. The spread of 11 points for this game is a little high in my opinion, I do not know if i would take the Lions, but in this environment I think the Lions will get the job done.

Assuming the Lions win, the next two games, both away at ranked opponents, will decide the fate of the Lions. One Vegas opening line has Ohio State as 9.5 point favorites which is both insulting and astounding.

Elsewhere around college football this week we have a CFP eliminator game in 11. USC vs 13. Notre Dame. Both teams have one loss and with other gaining a huge advantage with a big win, the other will be eliminated from contention. At the midway point of the season, it appears that there may, for the first time ever, be one conference that gets more than one team in the CFP with the ACC, PAC 12, and Big 12 having teams with outside chances of getting in. This begs the question, assuming everyone goes 11-1, who gets in? Ohio State and PSU, or UGA and Bama? Personally, I feel that the SEC teams have incredibly weak schedules, so the Big 10 should get the nod. Only time will tell.

The honor of #dontbethatguy goes to Auburn for losing against a lackluster LSU team when up 20-0.

Don’t forget to tune into gameday at 9am, and the whiteout on primetime at 7:30ET on ABC

Just a friendly reminder of what happened last time Michigan vs. PSU whiteout was a night game.

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